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Who are you?

WaR LegenD is a French PvP guild currently playing on Aion. You can check our guild websites at the bottom of this page.

What is «»?

«» is a ranking system for the game Aion. It merges statistics for players and legions from every NA & EU server. It also provides a two months history (to display it, click on a player or legion) that can be used to check the activity of a particular player or legion. A guild news describing «» with more details can be read here.

Where do you get these statistics?

The statistics are gathered from the official Aion website. However, some values such as the 'Contribution Ratio' or the 'MDP' have been created to provide additional information about players and legions. The rankings are daily updated.

My character (or legion) isn't on the list!

Not every player is on this list. Due to the very high number of players on Aion, we can't afford to check them all everyday. Instead, we maintain a list of the players who have been already ranked on the official Aion website. If you really want your character to be on this list, you may send me a private message so I can add it manually (you'll need to complete a short registration). If your legion is not on the list, then it should appear in a few days (at most 1 or 2 weeks). We usually check for newly created legions every few weeks.

You only display 30 results per page. Can you increase this?

We actually did this and it resulted in a big server overhead. We might consider this again later when we have more money to buy servers :)

When I click on a player or legion, I see a big red dot with a cross.

It means that we don't have fresh enough data to display statistics. This player or legion is inactive or has probably been deleted.

I would like to contribute and / or suggest new features.

No problem. Simply click here to send me a private message.

Is it possible to advertise on the site?

Sure, just contact us on the link at the bottom of this page.